Your business is taking off and you are ready to scale.

When the bumps in the road come along, and you have already learned they do, wouldn’t it be great to have a proven plan to grow your business?

Your time is precious - your valued family, friends, community and your business - all compete for the same hours in the day.

The thing is, you don’t have to do it all and you don’t have to do it alone.

When you begin to find success, the price of juggling it all becomes greater. There is a way to take off the “superhero” cape that comes with the impossible load.

Your path can be clear and your mind free to focus on all the other things that matter after just one 45 minute call.

What comes next?

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Dr. Mike Montes

My goal is straightforward… to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively.


If you’re interested in adding an extra $500,000 to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months… without selling more time for money… then I can help you but it starts with the Facebook Group.


I specialize in sales and marketing for small business owners. Over the years, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today.


Can’t wait to see you in the group!

17+ years of experience as a marketing expert
Helped 500+ individuals & businesses scale
20+ programs to help you scale
Step by step

Maximize Your 45-Minutes

In order to get the most out of our time together, you will need to know three things.


Your Revenue

To make sure you understand your business field and what is required to reach the next level, we need to understand your revenue.

The process will help you identify the areas you need to focus on and give you a personalized route to success.


Your NPM

Once we have your revenue understood, we will focus on working on understanding your Net Profit Margin.

This will give us a clear picture of your break even point as well as set us up to start working on your roadmap.


Your GPM

This is the final step in our 15-minute call which will give us the clearest picture of your growth potential.

Once we have all three bits of information, we will be able to determine together which program you qualify for in order to move forward.

Conversion Equation: Preview one of the great tools I will share with you on our call.

Your marketing can easily be re-worked to follow our proven Conversion Formula that has generated massive results for hundreds of business owners world-wide with this simple tool we will walk through together.



Rank your business or any one of your marketing pieces with our free tool.